HMPI: Be taught To Play Any Gospel Track In All 12 Keys Simply

HMPI: Study To Play Any Gospel Track In All 12 Keys Easily
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#HMPI #Learn #Play #Gospel #Tune #Keys #Simply
Be taught to simply play any song in any key you want with this new video. Learn the 12 key system to easily play your favourite songs...
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35 thoughts on “

  1. Can you do a video for major and minor 6 and show how to use these into gospel.
    Find your training style easy to follow and remember

  2. Thankyou soo much the only thing is that if u had showed us how to put all the chords together perfectly that would be great. thankyou ssoooooo much sir. May God shower his blessings down on you1

  3. Thanks for teaching us those chords is quite understanding for a begginer, but I for like if you can show me how to make use of my lift hand on gospel songs in church. Thanks GOD bless you more than you are now Amen.

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